Are you Visiting Salon des Familles 2020 ?

Merlino - stand 149


Description of the concept

For this event, we tried to create an ideal environment where outdoor and indoor space could coexist.

As a glue we have used the fundamental concepts of experiential education that has guided and supported our project research for some time.

Education through nature

In a world that has gradually elected artificial places to temples of education, the natural environment is returning at the center of educational thought, which reacquires a real and not just allegorical role.

We believe in experiential education.
Our products have been designed to guide experimentation, facilitate collaborative dynamics and finally encourage moments of reflection and metacognition.

Indoor - Outdoor

The entrance to the stand is dedicated to the outside with products that recall outdoor play, the inner part instead simulates educational areas that we can find in closed environments.

The concept is therefore to concieve the outside (garden, forest, parks) and interior (classroom, gym) as communicating worlds, in this exchange the didactics plays the role of mediator coming out enriched.